What We Offer

We offer three types of coverage. Most cargo insurance companies are limited in the coverage or their coverage policy doesn’t fully disclose what they truly insure until a claim comes around. At Ramon Inc. we believe transparency is highly important and let you know from the start exactly what each policy covers.

We have the ALL RISK Coverage which covers the goods while in transit against ANY damages. This includes damages from physical external cause, as well as, partial or total, theft and catastrophe.

Another coverage we offer is TOTAL LOSS. This coverage is restricted coverage which usually applies to very old goods or used goods. We cover the goods against a total loss damage ONLY. For example, if there is a total loss of a truck or aircraft which was caused by a catastrophe. This would be cover. We would not cover a partial loss. We would only cover a complete loss.

And the third type of coverage that we offer is called NAMED PERILS. This means that total loss or partial damage and/or loss to shipment will be covered if there were the following risks during transit: collision, overturning the truck, train, boat, derailment, fire, lighting, sprinkler leakage, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, collapse of dock, jettison, stranding, and sinking.

As a bonus to our clients, we also offer secondary carrier’s insurance. If you currently have existing insurance for your cargo and need additional insurance, we offer any additional amount after the existing carrier’s insurance is exhausted to meet your needs.

The coverage we offer strives to meet the needs and expectations of our clients both national and worldwide.